Kenedy ISD COVID-19 Grading Policy

Kenedy ISD COVID-19 Grading Policy
Posted on 04/29/2020
Kenedy ISD COVID-19 Grading PolicyParents,
We are getting ready to begin wrapping up this school year, and we need your help to make sure we have all grades needed from our students. If you have not already been contacted by your child's teacher, you can expect to be contacted in the coming days. If you have not heard from your child's teacher, please call your child's school beginning Thursday, April 30. We will have staff available at campuses to answer phone calls and help parents connect with teachers to ensure a successful wrap up of the 2019-2020 school year. Please refer to our At-Home Learning Guidelines at this link for more information.


Daily Grades (aka Formative Grades)– Are grades earned during the learning process. Daily grades can be given for virtual learning work and/or work completed by paper assigned as daily work (with support videos/presentations, etc.), independent practice, quizzes, draft writing, online learning programs, etc.  

All campus teachers will collect 2 Daily Grades (aka Formative Grades) per week, for a total of 12 grades, per grading period. 

Major Grades: (aka Summative Grades) – Are assessment grades earned after virtual learning instruction and/or work completed by paper has taken place to determine what students know, understand, and could do at one point in time. Major grades can be given for assigned projects or products, unit assessments, final writing pieces, or online program assessments, etc.. 

Elementary campus teachers will collect 2 Major Grades (aka Summative Grades) per grading period. 

Secondary campus teachers (MS & HS) will collect 3 Major Grades (aka Summative Grades) per grading period. 

Elementary -Grading Weights/Non-Negotiables: 

Daily Grades (aka Formative Grades) – 60% weight of grades – 2 per week, total of 12 per grading period (per subject)

Major Grades (aka Summative Grades) – 40% weight of grades – 2 per grading period (per subject) 

Secondary – Grading Weights/Non-Negotiables: 

Daily Grades (aka Formative Grades) – 60% weight of grades – 2 per week, total of 12 per grading period (per course)

Major Grades (aka Summative Grades) – 40% weight of grades – 3 per grading period (per course) 

Assignment/Assessment Redo Opportunity:

Due to the unique circumstances of COVID-19, KISD is removing the assignment/assessment redo opportunity and replacing it with other supports and student expectations. Please read below

Supports to be provided by staff:

 ● For Elementary School students -parents who are not able to pick-up their student’s packets will have the packet sent to them via hand-delivery or U.S. Mail.

● Teachers will give students a two-day deadline for submitting assigned work. 

KISD COVID-19 Grading Policy

● Teachers will document communication with the student AND parent for any student struggling to get work turned in or for any student who is failing

● The teacher will set the timeline for work to be turned in; since multiple days are already provided, the teacher will allow 2 days to redo/make-up work ( Elementary teachers -Continue to accept work from students as you have, changes will be communicated by your principal)

● Teachers will offer a block of time for check-in/support services and/or new instruction for their students via Zoom, Blackboard, Google Hangout, etc. (as a class/whole-group session) 

● Teachers will make themselves available to any student who needs support via Zoom, telephone, etc. (aka tutoring), scheduled during school day hours 

● Teachers will communicate with the student and parent about failing averages (even if it is due to not turning in work; this also meets TEC about communicating with parents about failing grades)

● Progress Reports will not be issued since communication and documentation will be constant ● For Elementary and Middle school campuses, your principals will explain how students with averages below 60, in any subject area, will be addressed and documented at the end of each grading period; this will not apply to High school due to GPA standing/ranking


What does this mean for parents/students? 

● For Elementary School parents, packets must be picked-up in a timely fashion to allow for students to complete the work by the due date issued 

●  For Elementary School students, packets must be completed and submitted through Google Classroom, Remind App, or other KES online resources that the teacher designates.

● Students are to follow the instructions given by the teacher via their learning platform (ex: videos, Google Classroom, Blackboard, Zoom, See Saw, Class Dojo, etc.) 

● Students who are asked to participate in a virtual learning environment are to do so; if they are not available they are to immediately communicate with the teacher 

● Students are to meet the due date/redo/make-up timelines set by their teacher; students will earn grades accordingly 

● Students who need any type of support (tutoring) should email/communicate with their teacher directly to schedule a session via phone or a virtual platform 

● The grade of zero (0) will still be in effect for any student who does not submit assigned work 

● Students who do not complete work will have an ‘M’ for missing issued in the gradebook; this is the equivalent of a ‘0’ (zero) 

● We realize situations can arise (ex: illness or technology issues), please ensure that you or your student communicates with their teacher via email; parents can also contact the campus principal or teacher directly with any concerns they have; the teacher will work out a plan of action with the student/parent 

● Students who have other concerns are always welcome to contact their campus counselor 

● Progress reports will not be issued; teachers will communicate with parents and students on a continuous (sometimes daily) basis regarding concerns about not turning in work or failing ● Report cards will be issued at the end of the grading period 

● For our High School Seniors, GPA will still be generated at the end of the 3rd grading period for academic standing/ranking

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